Friday, August 27, 2010

The Blythe Doll.

Have you heard of the Blythe doll?
Blythe dolls where first made in 1972, and they had and still have huge eyes and heads. You cannot buy Blythe dolls anymore as they where deemed to scary for children...
Now, every year, there is a annual Blythe charity fashion show held in Tokyo where leading fashion designers from all around the world make tiny fashionable outfits for Blythe dolls, and they are carried down the aisle by models wearing white gloves.
The Blythe doll has also appeared in mayjor advertising campaigns for sony in Europe. In the windows of the sony shops they would have huge lifesize Blythe dolls.... Talk about creepy!
Blythe dolls are now extremely hard to find and get hold of, and the only Blythe things you can easily get are accesories from ebay, and books about Blythe dolls.
So... Do you want one yet?

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