Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Typical First blog entry....

Hello everyone,
I don't think I know anyone with a blog that doesn't have a typical lame starting post that goes something like, 'Hey everyone!!! This is my blog about _________ and __________ I hope you like it!!!' So I thought I would join in the fun....
Hey everyone, I have just have started a new blog, and it took me quite a while. I had to design every presentation aspect of this blog so that it would reflect my personallity. That is all I will show about myself purposely as I want my readers (if there ends up being any) to find out about me by actually reading the blog... (sounds ironic, i know.)
The people reading this blog will read the writings of a newborn teenager and her journeys, hopes and dreams. They will read all about the daggy music she listens to, and the stupid dad jokes she sometimes makes. So be warned!