Tuesday, November 16, 2010

One of my brightest ideas, if I do say so myself....

I was walking along the streets of Melbourne last night, past all the boutique clothing shops, laneways, pubs, cafes and bars, when I came across a sign that caught my attention.... Now before I describe to you the sign, I would like to explain to you my circumstances.
It was late at night, and I was tired. I was walking along with my dad and his fiance. We were walking to the train station, and just as we where about to cross the street to Parliament House when I saw the sign.
It was a black sign, with hot pink courier new font. Bold, no underline. It was simple and easy to read. Around the words where about ten light bulbs, displayed in a way similar to that of a mirror in the behind-the scenes footage of a movie star's caravan. The lights were bright, not flashing but just bold and bright. The sign really stood out to me, and I wanted to know what was in the shop. So I read the words in between the bright lightbulbs... they read, 'Milk Bar.'
Now, I know exactly what you are thinking - why are you posting about a sign that said 'Milk Bar'? I've been to my local milk-bar millions of times! It's not that exciting, I see a milk-bar sign everyday as I drive to work...
But that is not what I was thinking at the time. I was tired, as I said, and my mind was in another place.... So I thought to myself, 'What is a milk bar?' I think I may have said it out loud, as dad just stopped walking and stared blankly at my face. He was speechless, I suppose thinking of how to discribe a milk-bar to me. 'Well, you know that place where you get bread and milk from, where they sell the newspaper and the strange out-of date soy sauce that tastes like mayonaise?' He would have said. But he just stared blanky, while my mind was going crazy.
You see, I was thinking along the lines of a bar, like a wine bar or a sports bar, although I was thinking of a Milk Bar. I had this strange but brilliant idea that it was a bar that only sold milk-based products. Like milk cocktails and Kaluah with milk. A bar for the lactose intolerant. You could have alcoholic milkshakes... and instead of selling soft drinks for the people who don't drink, I would sell big M's. Then I wondered if they had soy and rice milk drinks.
I soon realised by looking in the window that it was a regular milk bar, with the strange tasting out-of-date soy sauce that tastes like mayo, and the coca-cola that comes with a free chocolate bar at only $2.50.
I was somewhat dissapointed, but then decided that I would open a milk bar when I have the ideal equiptment. A bar for the non-lactose intorerent. I think it really great idea. So don't steal it, I will open this Milk bar it about ten years I think. What are your thoughts? Any suggestions for the Milk-Bar?

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