Friday, January 14, 2011

An open letter to life...

 Dear Life,
Thanks for being what you are.
Thanks for being mine... you are like my boyfriend, girlfriend, brother, mum, whatever.... what difference does it make?
Your mine, anyway. I made you the way you are for my own pure entertainment really.... So why is it that your not as fun to play as a xylophone?
Why, from other point of view so far as I can tell, do you not measure up to a circus show with flying monkeys?
What are you doing being boring?
Why, when I think about you, do I not desire to love you for what you are?
What makes me want to rip you into shreds and sew you back up with fairy lights?
Is burnt toast and half a glass of OJ what we both think I should have for breakfast?... Why can't I just eat fairy-floss for breakfast? It's hardly what you would call fattening. It's practically air.... Big, fluffy, yummy, pink, not fattening..... Air.
WHY should I care if it's fattening anyway? I could die in two days... Like those weird blowflies do.... I think they only have two days to live... or is it mosquitos? Maybe it's mosquitos. Lets just say its mosquitos. They don't go around looking for the 'lite' blood to suck do they? no, is the answer, NO.

Sorry that was depressing. I had to write it somewhere... I won't write like that again......

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