Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Natalie Shau, Deliciousely Dark

For the re-launch of Cadbury's Bournville chocolate brand, they have released a new ad campaign, 'Deliciousely Dark' that captures the imagination and thoughts of women nowdays. The artist who drew the pictures for this campaign was Natalie Shau, an arist who blurs the line of photography, painting, and visual design in an interesting way. Her style mixes the feeling fantasy and reality, much like cadbury's chocolate itself does...
It is an interesting style, and one which not many other artists have thought to use. Putting digital imaging and photography together (as her magnificent artwork proves) is a fantastic idea, it gives you the reality of photography, and the digital component gets thrown in too with the digital imaging. It really reflects our era, and the time right now - we use computers for a lot, but our lives aren't ruled by them quite yet. It's a happy medium, and that seems to be what makes here art so likeable. 

Here are some more of her images:

And as always, here is a link to natalie's website: http://natalieshau.carbonmade.com/

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