Thursday, June 2, 2011

We have so much time, and so little to do. (Strike that. Reverse it.)

Hello  everyone, and well done if you picked that the title of this post was a quote from the original Willy Wonka movie. If you noticed that, I give you extra trivia points.
I have to admit these last few weeks have been pretty damn stressful. We have a lot due in; a newspaper aticle, recipes, English Skills sheets, and we also have heaps of projects on the go: A bathing suit one, a journey poster, humanities assignments, the list goes on (and on and on)  and I seem to keep getting more and more homework to put on top of the other stuff I have to do. My head feels as though it will explode, but I sure hope it doesn't, since I have so much to do, and if my head exploded I wouldn't be able to do it.  The picture to the right is, at the moment, what my head feels like (picture found on
What is the point of going to school, if all you get given when you get there is homework? I don't see the point. Can't we just do everything either at school or at home? Don't teachers realize we are teenagers and have enough going on in our lives?
Oh well, I will get over it.
Imagine being in year twelve at the moment! That would be even worse, they have heaps of exams, heaps of homework, and they probably all have part time jobs and are trying to create a good future for themselves and get into uni all at the same time.
At least thinking about the year twelve's situation makes mine feel better. A little, anyway. I should stop stressing, because, everyone knows that stressing gives you wrinkles in your forehead, and I don't want wrinkles yet. I'm only 13 (turning 14 next month!) for goodness sake. Image that, being the only on in year eight with a wrinkles? Ew.

Anyway, enough of my misery. I have made you readers all absolutely depressed and bored with my crap, so I think I better cheer you up and show you something wonderful as compensation.
I beleive I mentioned a few post back about that girl, Tavi, (In the picture to the left) who has a fashion blog, that is very, very good, yes?
Well, she posted on her blog the other day that her sister, Rivka Gevinson, is also very nearly as cool as her. She makes really good videos, short movies, music videos, ectcetera. She is just a little bit older that Tavi and I, and is very talented, as far as I'm concerned.
Tavi posted another one of her videos on her blog, which is really good, and you can look on her blog at that one too, but I found this one on Rivka's vimeo page, and it is my favourite of the ones I have seen so far. It's called 'Visual Poetry: You are my face' and since I have just started learning about poetry in English class, I thought it fit in very well.
I hope you like it! See more by Rivkah at this link.

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