Friday, September 2, 2011

Rookie Mag

Hello everyone! It's spring! Yay!
I just wanted to let you all know that the lovely girl with a fashion blog, Tavi Gevinson (from is opening up a new website for teen ladies like meeee and maybe youuuu (if you're a teenage girl) called
I am very excited about it although I'm not really sure what the website will be about because Tavi isn't giving away many details on her blog because is it a secret until this monday coming up (september 5th). Anyway, you really should look at it.

This is what Tavi wrote about it on her last blog post:

Remember that time I wrote about that thing and then I was really quiet about it for a while because I had a tiny doubt in the back of my mind that it was too good to actually happen? Turns out my distrust in the world has only made the fact that it IS happening only better! I am talking about the website I am starting for teenage girls. It is called Rookie, it is at, it goes up Monday, September 5th, and I am going to talk about it a lot on here and feel not a hint of yuckiness because I care about it and I care about everyone who has worked on it and I want people to see it.

But I want it to be a surprise, too, so for now, I will just say things like: we will update three times a day -- after school, dinner, and before bed. Each month is a differently themed issue, and September is "Beginnings." (GET IT? I know you do. You're a smart one.) Working on a back-to-school theme has made me almost enthusiastic about being back at school. (Almost.) (This is a lie. I don't know why I pretend to dread school. I love my women's history class, OK?) Many awesome people have been very nice and written/made things for us, such as: Joss Whedon, Winnie Holzman, Patton Oswalt, Zooey Deschanel, Shannon Woodward, Anna Faris, Kid Sister, Supercute!, Paul Feig, Dan Savage, JD Samson, Jack Black, Alia Shawkat, Fred Armisen, and Miranda July. You should look at what they did on my website because they are FAMOUS and MAGICAL! (They're also talented and funny and thoughtful and you might like what they've done in the past so you might like this, too.)

Lastly, if I had to give an award to Best Staff Of A Website Called Rookie, I would give it to ours. And there are a lot of websites called Rookie! So let me remind you of our URL once more: We also have a baby Twitter.

In the mean time, while we wait for the website to be open, you can look at these lovely pictures I found to get us all excited for spring!  (sorry if you're from anywhere like America, and not Australia, and it isn't actually spring were you are and if it is in fact actually Autumn, or Fall as you strange people like to call it! I hope you can forgive me. And also forgive me for calling you strange.)

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