Thursday, December 16, 2010

You saved my life! (well, not you)

I walked into my bedroom, and looked underneath my bed for my bag. It was exactly where I had left it. In front of the four boxes and next to my dirty washing. I reached into it, and pulled out my red and white spotty tights. The tights trailed along the ground , and as the foot part of the tights creeped into view so did a little friend.....
She was about 10mm in width, and 3mm in height. She was black mostly black, but with what looked like a bright red superman cape on her back. She reminded me of a little 5 year old girl. cute, but cheeky, bouncy and crazy. But not only did she remind me of a pre-schooler, she also reminded me of a super-villain, in that she looked like she wore a cape and she was quite frankly evil. Yes, evil.
She was one of the most poisonous spiders in Australia. And she could've killed me.... But as soon as I saw miss spider crawling out from under my bed I jumped up, and, yes, being me, screamed (ironically) like a girl...
Super-villain spider jumped off my tights and onto the ground, about 10cm from my hand. She sped towards my hand and I jumped up. I wouldn't let her get any closer to me. I ran out the door of my bedroom and watched it zig-zag around my bedroom floor....
And then my super hero came flying down the stairs.... She pulled a magical boot out from underneath her denim jeans, and squashed little miss super-villain spider once and for all.
Super-hero-Sarah saved my life. I could've died if little miss spider paid a little more attention to the fact that her arch-enemy Super-hero-Sarah was looking out for me. So thanks Super-hero Sarah. You saved my life! How can I ever repay you?


  1. I know this has nothing to do with the post, can you send me some of the chocolate walk photos?? and upload sme to the blog?? and the post was very fab! hahaha.

  2. Sure I can! I will upload them now, but we don't have very much data to send them via email.
    I will put them on a cd and the next time I see you I'll give them to you. But I will update the photo a day bit with the chocolate walk photos. Also, can you comment on my 'merry christmas' post?

  3. Hey laura, have you finished school yet?

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  5. ok :), yea i have, we need to catch up in the holidays! i will call you sometime :)