Saturday, January 15, 2011

Two fantastic albums you need to buy...


The Breeders - Last Splash.

the Breeders are a 90's American alternative / indie / rock band. 
They formed in 1988, and released their first album titled 'Pod' in 1990.
They where reasonably successful, but not hugely... until releasing their second album, 'Last Splash'.  when they became hugely successful afterall and the album became a smash hit. they now have four albums , an awesome looking website with tour dates, photos, info etc.... and a myspace, facebook, and youtube channel.... take a look!


Veruca Salt - Eight Arms to hold you

 Named after the spoilt brat from famous Roald Dahl novel 'Charlie and the cholcolate factory', Veruca Salt is a fantastic Alternative Rock band that started out in Chicago, way back in 1983.
They have come a long way... with four amazing albums, three EPs, and thirteen singles. Eight arms to hold you is one of their best albums - and probably the most popular album. It could be discribed as grunge, rock, soft-loud, crazy, but mostly amazing... so that's why it gets in my top five albums that you must buy.... now. But first, before you buy their album, send your friends links to their myspace, youtube, and website... now that you've done that... buy their album from your local CD/record shop..... They're waiting...........


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