Thursday, January 27, 2011

My Wedding....

...Was fantastic.
Except that there was nobody there. But I walked down the carpet, and smiled at the chairs that weren't there, the people that weren't in them. The priest that had disappeared.
The weirdest thing of all was that my husband wasn't there either. But in my mind he looked wonderful. He looked so handsome.... in my mind.
You would've thought I was marrying myself. But I wasn't. It wasn't that my husband and the guests simply didn't show up, either. I didn't have a husband, or a fiancé, or a boyfriend..... I still don't.

You see, I didn't have a wedding. But I had a pretend one for a fantastic Australian photographer, Sarah Hayes. Her business is called a-nom'-a-ly' photography..... and she took me out as one of her models for a pretend wedding shoot.... here are the photos.


  1. I love the last three, beautiful Casey :)

  2. can't believe i wasn't invited!! the photos are tres cool ...nice work casey and sarah!