Saturday, June 4, 2011

Avenue Pierre Lotti

Bonjour mon ami!
Before I get to the real post, I want to mention that this post is for my friend Danielle. Danielle is very cute, but she doesn't like people calling her that, so since I know she is reading this I will have to make you all pretend that she isn't cute at all, ok? So, to clear things up, Danielle is not cute and I never said she was.
Danielle loves france, wants to be a tour guide for the Eiffel Tower when she is older, and she has a boyfriend called Pierre. I've never met him, but I am told that he is magnificent.
(image from He owns a macaroon and ice-cream shop in the heart of Paris, and he makes Danielle macaroons everyday. Wonderful, hey? Almost like a fairytale. It seems too perfect to be realistic, but that is what I'm told...

Now to the real post: 
I was looking on google maps this morning, and I wondered what the Eiffel Tower would look like in satellite view. I looked it up, and it looked beautiful! I was gasing at it, and looking at the streets surounding it, when I saw something that brought a huge smile to my face... the street directly across from the Eiffel Tower is called, 'Avenue Pierre Loti'! I just had to tell you all. Pierre, the eiffel tower, and my utterly lovely friend Danielle where meant to be together.
That's all for now. Au reviour!

(Image from


  1. Casey !
    I just stared and stared at the photo of the Eiffel Tower! Great blog ! It was very interesting. I think everyone around the world would find this interesting and fantastic.
    It was well written besides the cute part.
    Have a great day.
    I can see you.

  2. Wow Casey, how cool! Loving the Eiffel Tower!! Danielle and Pierre really were meant to be together. I think that their kids names should be Gustave and Anatole. Ha ha cause they're the other street names!