Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Fairytale Wonderland....

I do, without a doubt, love being a teenager, as annoying as it is sometimes.
I love that I get to go where I like, and do mostly what I please, but I also like that I can act a little bit like a child. I can write a big love story, plan out my whole dream fairytale life in my head, and I can wear a pretty pink dress. These things make being a teen so much fun!
I do miss being a little kid though. I miss being as innocent as children are. They are so cute that way. As curious as I am, I do miss little things, like, when I didn't know that two plus two was four, when I could believe anything adults told me, and when I thought the tooth fairy was real. I especially miss beleiving in the tooth fairy.
I miss the magical things like that in my life. All the fairytales and and magical stories don't seem so magical anymore, now that I know they are just stories.
I hate that adults think so much. Adults don't believe in fairytales because they think that logically they don't exist. Little kids don't have logic, they wouldn't think twice if you told them that you went to the moon last night to have dinner with the purple aliens. I told my four year old brother this exact thing the other day, and he said: "Can I come next time?"
Anyway, I have decided to bring the little kid back in all of you in this post, so I am going to put all the sparkles, princesses, castles, and magical inspiration I can into this page.

(As usual, all pictures from weheartit.com)

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  1. the tooth fairy isn't real??? aaarrrggghhh!!!!